Grazing Goat Soap Company

About Our Family & Farm


As a mom of 6 beautiful children (that’s right, 6!), I know how important it is to feel confident you’re making the best choices for your family. 

Having a child with ADHD, I originally sought out goat’s milk as an alternative to cow’s milk for his sensitive digestive tracts. The improvements were drastic, so you can imagine how happy that made my mother’s heart! That’s when we began our journey to moving onto our own goat farm. 

During my research on goat’s milk, I discovered how exceptionally healthy it also is for our skin. Out of curiosity, I began making our own. I was equally thrilled when it made our entire family’s skin the best it ever looked. 

I then began giving away goat milk soap with our extra milk as gifts, and person after person kept coming back to me raving about how it had improved their skin. After trying all the “high-end products”, I think some of them were shocked to see goat milk soap do the trick! That’s when I knew I wanted to share our farm crafted soaps with more people.

Goat’s milk has changed our family’s lives for the better. I hope you find this same enjoyment in each and every bar.

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